Litigation &
Dispute Resolution

The firm has built capacity to represent its clients in Courts of Law and arbitration matters. Our practice areas include property/Land Law, debt recovery which includes instituting summary suits for debt collection, wind- ing up & Bankruptcy petitions, employment and labour disputes, patent, trademark and copyright disputes and commercial and corporate litigation.

The firm also encourages and participates in arbitration proceedings on behalf of its clients to avoid lengthy litigation.


Corporate & Commercial Law

Our partners have had practical exposure in handling unique areas of Corpo- rate and Commercial Law like Assets Finance and Leasing, Real Estate Finance, Project Finance and Syndicated deals, Inter-corporation lending and Sovereign debt (Lines of credit), Trade Finance, Escrow structures, mergers and acquisitions, and providing advisory services to borrowing and lending institutions both Private and Public companies

Other practical experiences include floatation/incorporation and formation of business organizations such as companies, partnerships, sole proprietorships and joint ventures, undertaking due diligence on companies, share sale and purchase arrange- ments, advisory on compliance with regulatory requirements (the case for our financial clients and listed companies), incorporation of Trust bodies and advisory services on institutional lending that is both secured and unsecured.

The firm also provides Company Secretarial services to some of its corporate clients and also carries out legal and security audits to ensure that ALL security documents executed by clients are complainant and meet regulatory requirements as provided by Law.

Bank & Finance

The firm has a team dedicated to handling and providing a hands on experi- ence in the Banking and Finance sector. Clients in this sector have taken advantage of the firm’s experience drawn from its partners who have practiced as in house lawyers to some of the most robust and innovative Banks and transport corporations in the Market. The firm therefore has a good understanding of legal and operational needs for financial Institutions and multi-national corporations.

The firm provides a wide range of legal services from consultancy on opera- tional challenges in banking, deals structure, securitization, legal documenta- tion and registration (which includes attesting legal documents as required by law, lodgment for tax assessment, lodgment for registration and retrieval from the various registries) and conducting due diligence prior to lending (includes searches at the Company Registry to verify whether such entity is duly incor- porated and the Lands registry).

The firm also provides advisory and credit documentation services to Finan- cial and investment companies, representing borrowers in negotiating term sheets or offers for financing, debt restructures, structuring alternative financ- ing options like finance and operating leases, advising on listing regulations, mergers and acquisitions.

As one of our unique products tailored for Financial Institutions, the firm has come up with training kits targeting in house Legal Departments on key docu- mentation and advisory issues, credit and business support departments on key issues to be addressed when an account is due for recovery and the sales team on KYC issues to address prior to booking a deal/borrowing client.

Commercial Agencies & Franchising

In addition to the general corporate and commercial work that the firm offers to its clients, we also offer a more specialized advisory service in commercial agencies and franchising. The firm has advised on a power agency between a Ugandan Company and a Romanian based Company with its presence in over 11 (Eleven) African Countries.

Debt Collection & Recovery

In addition to the services the firm provides to its corporate clients like Finan- cial Institutions, Beverage companies and Telecom companies, is debt collec- tion and recovery services. The firm appreciates that part of its client’s services is providing credit and often times not all borrowers or persons that take services on credit pay back in time hence the need for a 3rd party to be engaged to collect such outstanding amounts. The firm has built capacity and has a dedicated team that has mastered and built experience over time in debt collection and debt restructuring strategies.

Labour Law

The firm also provides labour and employment law advisory services as a support function to the Human Resource Departments. Our Lawyers have had the opportunity of working with robust corporations as Senior Legal Mangers and have experience in providing advisory services to Human Resource and Administration departments within organizations hence availing a good counsel to our corporate clients on employment matters. The areas of emphasis include hiring, dismissal and downsizing manage- ment/counseling.

The firm also facilitates training sessions to equip the Human Resource and Administration Departments with the necessary skills to ensure that staff matters are handled in accordance with the law. This a service that is provided as a preventive measure to avoid labour and industrial court disputes.

One of the partners is also a celebrated developer of android telephone applica- tions (apps) that facilitates in answering basic key employment questions such as number of days one is entitled to as leave, probationary periods and other related queries under the Employment Act and Workers Compensation Act.

Receiverships / Managers and Liquidators

The firm appreciates that some of its clients such as the financial institutions are bound within their respective security documents to exercise the option of appointing a receiver or manager to ensure funds due and owing are collected by an agent. In that spirit the firm has two (Two) licensed insolvency practi- tioners dedicated to deliver the desired services.

Legal Tech
& Innovation

In the spirit of bringing the back and front office together, our partners are at the fore front of providing and championing the move towards legal technology and innovation. With some of our very own in house innovations, we offer support and guidance for start up innovations in the legal field but also boost the traditional and conventional way of transacting business legally.

Intellectual Property

The firm provides advice on intellectual property matters including but not limited to; conducting Trade Mark searches with the Registrar, filing and renewing trademarks, opposition of trademarks and deregistration of marks, patent registrations and preventing the unauthorized use of client’s trade- marks and patents and copyright enforcement and infringement.